Sunset in a little town called Angono

For a newbie in photography, a sunset shot is the easiest but hard to properly accomplish it at the first try.


I say the easiest for the fact that we can see sunset anywhere in the planet (well not exactly anywhere for there are places on the planet where you can’t tell if the sun has set or risen). All you need is to be in the right time and the right place and a lot of patience.

Hard to Accomplish

Yes, shooting a sunset is somewhat hard especially for newbie for the following factor:

  1. time is at the essence – the sun will set very quick and you might not have the time to set you camera correctly
  2. composition – newbie tend to shoot directly at the sun for it is the subject of the shoot and disregard their composition
  3. gears – yes it is easy to just wait for the sun to set but not having the proper gear will make it harder to take a great photograph.

Hope next time you you can get that shot you always dream of shooting.

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