Dong Camera Repair Shop – Hidalgo

Kuya Dong or Dong which ever you prefer to call him. His the go to guy when we all have issues with our camera.

I would say that every camera enthusiast in Manila knows him if they haven’t had the opportunity then you still have a working camera. But you will eventually.

Dong’s Camera Repair Shop with his trusted repairman

His been in the camera fixing business and selling business for a very long time. I didn’t bother to ask because it’s very rude to ask. But I can see in him the knowledge that a new comer like me can pickup if I just bother to ask. So I did with the short time we had since he is still running a business and I don’t want to bother him with some silly questions.

His a very direct to the point, no non-sense guy that will give you the direct answer to your question. Well the silly question you ask the sillier his answer is.


If you want to see him in action, set your calendar free every Aliwan Fiesta for he never missed one yet. 

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