Why Use Kitlens?

I’m a part of a social media group where newbie members always ask what is the best lens for their camera. I used to be like them when I started, so I can’t really blame them. What I would like to point blame is the more advance photographer who didn’t corrected my way of thinking back then.

If there were I would have save some money for gears that I bought that I seldom used. So I’m writing this post to break the vicious cycle and provided my limited knowledge on the subject. Don’t get me wrong I still have no clue how to identify a wide angle lens to a fish eye lens when handed one.

So the basic question is “Why Use Kitlens?” Below are my answers as reason why:

– it won’t cost you a cent, because it already came with your camera
– it’s a versatile lens, come with a zoom and wide angle capability
– it will develop your photography skills
– it will provide you insight on what niche of photography you really want
– it will help you learn the basic of photography

If you really need to buy a new lens you wouldn’t need to ask what is the best lens because you have already learned enough to know what lens is best to use for your photography.

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