Sexiness is no longer Size 2 – Plus-Size Model Boudoir shoot

I have long plan to shoot plus-size (model) boudoir shoot, but searching for a willing model is hard specially in a conservative country like the Philippines. But the long wait finally paid off when 2 willing model message me about it.

DSC_1110 copy

DSC_1045Shooting a boudoir shoot with an hour glass model may look easy but it’s not. So doing it with a plus-size model is extra difficult forĀ a number of factors. One of them is the self consciousness of the model not to show her body.

That is why it take a very confident Photographer to pull this kind of shoot. The said photographer needs to first gain the models trust so to build their confidence and make sure that the true beauty of the model will shine on the photographs.

The constant assurance is needed that image that are being produces are to what the model/client expect if not beyond. I would always show my model my shot so that a good rapport and trust are build instantaneously.

There are always challenges in a shoot, but the most important one is to make your model/client feel they are beautiful. Once doubt and concerns are out of the picture, the model/client can be relax and be themselves which will produce extra-ordinary portrait.


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