The Camera Simulator App – An Easy way to Learn Photography

Many have join the band-wagon of the Art of Photography. May you be suing a very expensive DSLR or a smart phone. We are all on the same boat of loving the same art form.

But there are still a lack of outlet on how to learn. Yes there are a lot of available books, blog post and articles to teach and learn how to use and shoot a decent shot. But there are still the factor of teaching those people who love to learn but have no idea of the technical terms we are talking about.

I found a great way to understand and practice photography without even having a proper camera at hand. Its a great tool that a number of photography instructors and students are using to understand photography.

It’s the CameraSim or Camera Simulator. The online apps provide all the basic functions and then some settings that you will need to understand photography better

The simulator provide functional setting that you can change to discover how it will affect your photograph


settings from Dim Light to Sunny


setting from 10ft to 3ft

Focal length

settings 18mm to 55mm as you are using a basic kit lens


setting option from Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual mode

The Simulator also have the Exposure Triangle settings:


refers to how sensitive the “film” or the “Sensor” will be to the incoming light when the picture is snapped.


or f-stop, refers to how big the opening will be for the light to pass through. The lower the f-stop number the bigger the opening, the higher the number the smaller the opening.

Shutter speed

refers to how long the shutter needs to be open to allow light into the camera. Too long the shutter speed the more light it capture and the shorter the shutter speed the less light will pass through


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