Child Photography: Things to Keep in Mind

10448677_10203103739526929_8797668499191577576_oChild Photography is one of my favorite forte or style in photography. Everything is natural and no makeup needed (if ever just minimal). But it have its bad part also, the subject will not be so engaging to you and they loose focus almost immediately.

I’m not an expert in child photography but I have done quite a few already. Below are my tips for a successful child photography:

1. Make sure that your gears are ready:
  • full charge battery and a spare if possible
  • good size of memory and a spare while were at it
  • check flash or strobe are in working conditions
10484552_676772402407921_914391068334591016_n2. Shutter Speeds Priority

Get ready to use shutter speeds priority if needed. There will time that you wont be able to set your camera with the moving around and sudden moves. So having your it in shutter speeds priority mode.

3. Take ultra-close up

Close-up shot are always great when taken from a child. take special attention to the eyes when shooting close-up. This will always give you a great shot.

4. Do some distance shot

This will make the subject more comfortable. Its not easy to be comfortable with some stranger taking your photo. Beside shooting at distances creates drama.

1472780_548986615186501_1996249651_n5. See it in black & white

Black & white photos have more characteristics, style and its more personal. You can’t go wrong with it.

6. They get easily distracted

Bring their favorite toys to play with so that they are focus on one thing. Sometimes being distracted is a good thing, just be ready press the shutter because those moment are very unexpected

1836958_10203103739486928_3281194832261949149_o7. Have the parents in the shot

Having someone very familiar besides them or play with them will create less tension on the child. which will give a great shot.

Capturing the essence of a child in a photograph is truly something. Their simple smile can warm anyone’s heart.

Hope this tips will help you on your next photo session.

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