Content-Aware Fill – How to use it?

I had just remember that Adobe PhotoShop CS5 have this nifty feature that I have not ever use until now.

Is is so cool that the process of eliminating unwanted stuff in your photo is just a few drag and a couple of click then its gone.

It’s the Content Aware Fill, though its an old feature but what can you do, I just started learning it so I’m sharing it.

What it do is analyze the contents or the details of the image and analyze it and figure out how the photo would have looked if the unwanted object or area had never been there. This nifty feature help us replace or repair larger, more complex areas, and even multiple areas at once, simply by selecting the area them and letting it do its magic. Just like the image below:


So how we do it:

1. load your photo on CS5 or higher

2. identify the unwanted part in your photo

In the above photo the man in the background is the one we want to erase. Yes we have clone tool to use which will have the same effect but using Content-Aware Fill is much simpler and easy.

3. using any selection tools like the Marquee Tools. I prefer the Rectangular Marquee Tool, Zoom in close to the subject you want to fill and then select the object in the photo you want to fill


4. then navigate to Edit > Fill or press Shift – F5 then make sure that Content-Aware is selected on the Use option then click OK.


Note: you can also change Blending mode and Opacity

5. Press Ctrl – 0 (zero) to zoom out, then press Ctrl – D to deselect the selected area.


As you can see the unwanted selection has disappear as if it was not there.

You can also use the Content-Aware Fill when you want to fill the adjustment done via cropping

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