Get Out of Your Photography Slump

Ah YES, the Photography or Photographer Slump. We’ve all been there or we’re currently in it. It’s a stage that all of us will need to pass in order to improve. Yes, no one is exempted in this phase of a Photographers life.

That feeling that you have not grown as a Photographer. You see your works as a copy of your last shoot, no improvement, nothing have change is a long time.

Yeah, I’ve been there and have a feeling that I will be back in there again. but before that happen I need to challenge myself and break it before it start.

So what did I do to break my Photography Slump

1. have a break

Well sometimes its all you need. Put down your camera and take the pressure away for a while and enjoy. Have a drink with a friend, take a walk in your community, enjoy an ice cream.

Well you get the point.

2. change of venue


Seeing something new can trigger something in our subconscious that can help us out of it.


Philippine International PyroMusical Competition 2011

Not really a literal kiss, but it wouldn’t hurt would it. But what I mean is:

Keep ISimple and Sweet

Most of the time the simplest thing can be more.

4. talking with beginners


Why beginners you may ask? Well they have this whole pool load of ideas that they don’t know how to express in photographs. I’m not saying to steal those ideas, that is not very professional.

Talking with them and helping them realize it can also help you see things in a new perspective.

They might even give you inspiration for your next big project.

How about you? How did you get out of your slump? I would like to read it in the comment section below…

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