My Take on High Speed Photography

I first started on high speed photography just this month, and I think I’m hooked. I mean who wouldn’t be hooked with this kind of photography. It’s very simple and very rewarding.

All you need is a creative mind and lot of patience. Well the first part is taken care of and the other part I still need a lot. But my stock of patience was well enough to produce the result I got on my first try.

ISO 400 1/200 f/7.1 2 bottles of 500ml soda

The photo above was my version of Gavin Hoey’s Heart Shaped Water Splashed. I used soda for I have no time to buy well actually I don’t know where to get one. But the result is amazing.

ISO 250 1/200 f/13 2 bottle of beer
[/caption]After just 7 days I took the photograph above and this time I only used one bottle of beer. Well you know what happen to the other beer. I like to tell you but that is for my other blog.

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