Hot to do Vignette: The Easy Way

In Photography Vignette or Vignetting is a post-processing technique to add depth and character to an image specially a portrait.

Before we start what is Vignette? Acording to the internet, Vignette means :

1. a small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border. (google search)

2. any process by which there is loss in clarity towards the corners and sides of an image (wikipedia)

There are many ways to do Vignette, before I would open Lightroom and use the Vignette preset. But it was to much work. then I discovered this very easy and efficient way to do it.

2 Ways to do Vignette

Lens Correction Filter

Using Lens Correction Filter is the common way to do Vignette for the reason it has a Vignette function it in.

a. hit Ctrl – J to make a duplicate copy of your background

b. go to Filter > Lens Correction of hit Shift – Ctrl – R, this will open the Lens Correction window

c. un-check any checked item then click on Custom

d. set Vignette Amount -50 then click OK.

you can set the Amount value base on your preference

Vignette via Feathering 

Using feathering is a new technique I just learned, but the most important part is that it is easy to do.

a. hit Ctrl – J to make a duplicate copy of your background

b. click on the Elliptical Marquee Tool and click it around your subject. Size will depend on how much you want to be covered by the Vignette

c. then right-click and select Select Inverse

d. right-click again and select Feather, remember that the larger the number the more blurry it gets around the subject so a value starting from 150 up is good

e. then Ctrl – J to create a copy of the selected outside area

f. now we change the Blend mode to Multiply (now you can change the Opacity if you like it)

It’s that easy, now try it.


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