Adobe Lightroom Post Processing: Black and White

convertConverting your colored photo to black and white made easy by Adobe Lightroom.

With just a few click of a button and your finish, you got yourself an awesome Black and White photo.

You can also add this to your settings to your preset so that you can easily set your photo to Black and White when you pleases.

1. I start by loading my photo on Lightroom.

What I do first is crop the photo to my desired size, eliminate any distracting object on the photo so that the focus is only on the subject


2. then click the Black and White treatment on the Basic Panel on the right


I then next adjust 4 Tone settings

  • Contrast +25
  • Shadows -45
  • Whites +40
  • Blacks -30

How to Boost the Contrast of Your Photo

3. Then I enhance the details on the photo by adjusting the setting on the Details Panel.

I would zoom in the eye of the subject or a focus area where I would base how much details I would like to make. Remember that details will base on your preference and your photo. So this part is more onto your liking. There is no right or wrong on this.


Sharpening details

  • Amount +150
  • Details 20

Noise Reduction

  • Luminance +55
  • Details +50


Then there we have it. We have converted our photo to black and white.

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