How to Boost the Contrast of Your Photo


Just learned an easy way to boost the contrast of your photo using Photoshop. You’ll need Photoshop CS4 or newer to follow these tutorials.

1. open a photo you would want to boost the contrast

_MG_0759 copy

1. add an Black and White adjustment layer on the adjustment button then choose black and white


2. set the blending mode to Soft Light


3. adjust the setting on the adjustment palette. For those that are not displayed click Window > Adjustment to open the palette window.


4. or use the slider on the upper left corner of the adjustment palette to select a color in the image to adjust. Just click the color you want to adjust on the image then slide to the left (to darken) or the the right to brighten

_MG_0759 copy2

This photo effect is best for flat looking photos

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